Spill kits

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Spill Kits
In the latest information from the MSA, it is now a requirement that ALL vehicles taking part in club off road events will need to carry a spill kit, which is large enough to contain 1.5 litres of any fluid.
At first I thought that this was not needed on our type of events, but I have been
thinking that although it is an MSA requirement, over the years I would have liked one at either an event or just at home I could have used one.
At a caravan event, a member who had fitted a V8 but not repositioned the old filter hit a small rut and smashed the oil filter straight off
I knocked over a can of paint in the garage and it took a lot of rags to soak it up and when the steering box lost all it’s oil again it would have been useful, so we are stocking them in the club shop

These kits are to MSA requirements .
So what is a Spill Kit?
The kits the club is selling is:-
 one pair of disposable gloves
2 Hydrophobic oil/diesel pads which are
perforated so you have in fact 4 pads each
measuring The pads DO NOT absorb water only 
The kits are designed to absorb 1.6 litres and confirm to the MSA requirements 
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