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 Please use this section when renewing your membership

If you are purchasing this for a gift please e-mail us with the recipient's name

we can only charge cards to the holders address

There is a NEW option on this renewal section,

 You will get a lot of advantages if you register on the clubs forum, help with technical problems and find out what ids happening in the world of Land Rovering

It is simple to register just follow the instructions,on the forum and then if you have not already done so,-please e-0mail the club with your
Forum name 
Membership number 
1st line of your address and we will set the sytem up so you can get full access 

Club magazine
At the moment we send every member worldwide a magazine each month. and you have an option of saving money
You can opt for an electronic version which will be sent to your e-mail address.
There are advantages to this method

You will get the magazine quickly

You will save money, with reduced membership costs
If you click on the link below or copy into your boswer you will be able to see what we mean by electronic magazine

Paper copy
This will unfortunately cost a little more because of the postage costs
There is a risk that it may never arrive.
Or at best be late arriving

We don't mind which we send out, the choice is yours just select the version you want from the drop down menu

Privacy statement

The club only holds your details for the purpose of sending you a monthly magazine, on email or by post. Also to request you to re-join.

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